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AI Cloud

Save operation overhead with Xetion’s managed AI cloud engine. Our secure, compliant and cost-effective engines allow you to train and scale AI models faster.


Reliability and Speed for AI Operations

Xetion’s optimized AI engines give you better results in less time. Start focusing on your core strategy without being concerned about operation overhead.

  • Test and deploy AI models faster
  • Save unecessary operation overhead and scale resources when you need them
  • Achieve results in a compliant, cost-effective mode of operation
  • Strategic approach to drive business value with an efficient operating model for AI applications

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Xetion AI for Engineers and Developers
For Developers and Engineers

Enabling Engineers to Deliver AI Solutions Faster

Setting up environments for specific tasks is often complicated and time consuming. With Xetion’s AI engines developers and engineers save hours of manual configuration and setup and can instead start training models with minimal effort.

  • Automated splitting of tasks between GPU and CPU instances
  • Automated start and termination of GPU instances with results being saved automatically
  • Ability to handle large datasets with automated clustering of storage instances
  • Automated clustering of GPUs when required

Xetion’s AI engines at a glance

Our AI engines provide out-of-the-box solutions that enable faster execution of AI processes. Built on OpenStack, our solutions are fast and reliable, yet can be customised even further for specific needs.

Automated and efficient instance handling

Automated clustering of resources

Engines optimized for specific tasks and stacks

Automated handling of large datasets

Built on OpenStack

Customisation and Consulting

Start Training and Scaling AI faster

Discover the potential of running your AI operation on Xetion’s optimized AI engines for specific use cases and applications.

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Xetion AI Cloud Out Of The Box Solutions