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About Xetion

Founded by Florian A. Menevis, a fintech AI pioneer and early Sentieo fellow, Xetion is a Swiss company providing artificial intelligence cloud solutions for research, development and scaling of AI models and applications.

Our vision is to enable companies to execute AI strategies faster with our on-demand AI cloud solutions that are optimized for specific tasks and stacks out-of-the-box.

Our solutions are built on OpenStack and are independent from non-european providers and thus compliant with GDPR and highest security and data privacy standards. Our physical infrastructure is hosted in Switzerland.

Florian A. Menevis
Xetion AI for Engineers and Developers

We Build the AI Backbone For Leading Companies

Xetion is a pioneering partner for leading brands and companies in Europe, offering an open, customisable and highly performant solution to drive AI efforts without compromising on strategic agility and autonomy.

  • Swiss data centers certified to highest standards, compliant with GDPR and highest security standards
  • Ready-to-scale task engines that can be adapted and customized if needed
  • Trusted network of industry-leading consultants and a strong-developer-base for custom AI development
  • Strategic approach to drive business value with an efficient operating model

Companies and Brands We Have Worked For

Some of Europe’s leading brands trust Xetion’s expertise and commitment to drive digital innovation across industries and verticals.

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Discover the potential of running your AI operation on Xetion’s optimized AI engines for specific use cases and applications.

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