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Managed Cloud Engine for AI Tasks

Save operation overhead with Xetion’s managed AI cloud engine. Our secure, compliant and cost-effective engines allow you to train and scale AI models faster.

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AI Cloud solution

Scale Your AI Strategy Faster With Xetion’s AI Engines

Applying artificial intelligence in production and services is increasingly becoming an integral part in strategies that enable companies to stay competitive in demanding and accelerating markets.

Being able to turn the potential of applied artificial intelligence into an efficient operation model is critical to produce reliable results while ensuring compliance and cost-efficiency.

Xetion offers managed GPU instances for AI applications and tasks. Hosted in Swiss data centers, our AI instances are pre-built with optimized configurations, enabling you to train and scale AI models fast and efficiently.

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Xetion AI Cloud Engine Dashboard

Scalable and cost efficient engines for specific AI tasks

Secure and compliant with GDPR and Swiss data privacy laws

Sustainable data centers powered by renewable energy

AI Infrastructure

Scalable On-Demand AI Infrastructure

Managing physical infrastrucutre for AI purposes can be complex. With Xetion you can rely on highly secure and optimized ready-to-scale on-demand infrastructre for AI tasks and operations.

With Xetion, AI instances can be started and scaled in seconds. Leveraging our highly performant AI management engine instances cluster when needed and self-terminate automatically.

Based in Switzerland, our infrastructre is secure and compliant with highest privacy and security standards.

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Start Training and Scaling AI faster

Discover the potential of running your AI operation on Xetion’s optimized AI engines for specific use cases and applications.

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Xetion AI Cloud Out Of The Box Solutions

Advantages With Xetion AI at a Glance

Secure and Compliant

Xetion’s infrastructure is hosted in Swiss data centers certified to highest standards. Powered by renewable energy sources, Xetion’s AI cloud is compliant and secure.


Xetion offers pre-configured engines for specific AI tasks, allowing you to optimize and scale models faster while saving time on configuration and deployment.


Our cloud instances can be scaled instantly and without any overhead. Task optimizations further enhance scaling while minimizing resource usage.


Our instance can be adapted and customized for special needs and cases. We provide fast and adequate consulting and development for individual requirements.

Network of Domain Experts

Xetion maintains a network of domain and industry experts contributing to a massive knowledge-base with industry leading solutions for typical use cases.

Swiss Jursidiction and Privacy

All data stored on Xetion is subject to Swiss laws and compliant with GDPR. Client relationships between Xetion and its clients are subject to Swiss data privacy laws.

Xetion AI Strategy Consulting
Strategic AI Development

Build Your AI Strategy On Solid Foundations

Xetion is a Swiss company at the forefront of technology transformation. With our dedicated AI cloud and our consulting services we architect and operate AI strategies for leading brands and companies.

  • Data center certified to highest standards, using your valuable data is safe and compliant with Xetion
  • Ready-to-scale task engines that can be adapted and customized if needed
  • Trusted network of industry-leading consultants and a strong-developer-base for custom AI development
  • Strategic approach to drive business value with an efficient operating model
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Scale Your AI Strategy Faster

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