Xetion AG – Security Notice

Xetion AG is committed to make transmission of critical information as secure as possible. However, due to the open nature of the internet, Xetion AG has no means to prevent misuse, falsification and impersonification of its accounts and information in social media, forums, email and messeaging channels. It is therefore critically important to never rely on, or trust information you receive on these channels. Instead make sure you verify information according to the following guidelines.

Never trust information outside of

Beware of Fake Emails – Emails should never be considered secure and authentic.

Beware of False Domains – We never use subdomains or other domains than

Beware of Fake Chat or Social Media Accounts – We will never post critical or payment related information on social media or chat forums

Trust information only if displayed on

Make sure the domain is secure and authentic – Check for the exact domain name and for https to be enabled.


Xetion AG – Request Access to Private Alpha

Thank you. You have successfully pre-registered for the TGE of Xetion AG.

I confirm to have read and agree the Terms and Conditions of Xetion AG, and that I agree to the specific terms for the use of Xetion AG’s private alpha preview set forth therein.

Frictionless Grid for Private Asset Offerings

Xetion is a network for creating private asset offerings, connecting leading private asset emittors to participate in open and globalized asset markets.

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